FULL PROGRAM : BONe InTerdisciplinary sympOSium 2022

Proud to organize with Laurent Pujo-Menjouet the BONe InTerdisciplinary sympOSium 2022 Leading experts in bone biomechanics Biology on the 20th of May at the College of Staten Island Full program Info free registration Knowledge is #free, BONITOS is #free.

Our program is named No.2 Best PT School in the country

2. CUNY College of Staten Island Average Net Price: $5,118 Private or Public: Public Highest Salary After Attending: $94,579 The College of Staten Island is grounded in centuries-old traditions of learning, teaching, research, and service. It is committed to the highest standards in the field of academic excellence. The college has competitive and rigorous programs across its undergraduate, graduate, and professional divisions. Programs are designed to allow students to fulfill their creative & educational aspirations. It offers affordable tuition rates, flexible time-frames for completion, access to a variety of scholarships, and a warm community of motivated peers. The entry-level degree required for physical therapists is a Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT). CSI CUNY has offered this degree since 1995. The program promises an excellent clinical foundation with a CUNY tuition and the opportunity of a rewarding career as a physical therapist after graduating from this p

In the last issue of the Journal of Theoretical Biology, we provide the first theoretical evidence of osteoblast self-inhibition after activation of the bone genetic regulatory network

Congratulations to  Abdennasser Chekroun, Laurent Pujo-Menjouet, Steve Falcoz, Kamyine Tsuen and Kevin Yueh-Hsun Yang for capturing  the behavior of the bone GRN part that controls mineralization by using a mathematical model. BerteauLAB team provided  in this new article  an advanced review of empirical evidence about interactions between gene coding (i) transcription factors and (ii) bone proteins. These interactions are modeled with nonlinear differential equations using Michaelis-Menten and Hill functions. Compared to empirical evidence - coming from osteoblasts culture -, the two best systems (among 12 6 =2,985,984 possibilities) use factors of inhibition from the start of the activation of each gene. It reveals negative indirect interactions coming from either negative feedback loops or the recently depicted micro-RNAs. The difference between the two systems also lies in the BSP equation and two ways for activating and reducing its production. Thus, it highlights the critical rol

Our recently published Systematic Review Shows Tele-Rehabilitation Might Achieve Comparable Results to Office-Based Rehabilitation for Decreasing Pain in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

We published that Tele-Rehabilitation Might Achieve Comparable Results to Office-Based Rehabilitation for Decreasing Pain in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis.  Proud to Advance Exercise Rehabilitation during Covid_19  Congratulations to Diana, Tamila, Lizzie, Brian N, Brian T. and Stephan !  Background and Objectives This systematic review aims to evaluate the efficacy of Tele-Rehabilitation for decreasing pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA). Materials and Methods: Following the guidelines of Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA), three electronic databases (CINAHL, PubMed, PEDro), along with the addition of grey literature, were used to collect information. Randomized control trials (RCTs) comparing tele-rehabilitation (TR) to office-based-rehabilitation (OB) were critically appraised using the 2005 University of Oxford Standard. A total of 139 articles (PubMed = 132, CINAHL = 5, PEDro = 0, grey literature = 2) were acquired. Results:

Our new publication in The Journal of Physical Chemistry assessed lipids in the vascularization of fish bones using NMR. A new step toward detecting hidden bone remodeling issues in humans using MRI !

"Long-Chain Fatty Acids in Bones and Their Link to Submicroscopic Vascularization Network: NMR Assignment and Relaxation Studies under Magic Angle Spinning Conditions in Intramuscular Bones of Atlantic Herring Fish" by Hsin Wang, Steve Falcoz, Jean-Philippe Berteau By taking advantage of long traverse relaxation times and carrying out  J -coupled correlation spectroscopies with magic angle spinning, we conclude that the commonly observed, moderately resolved nonwater proton signals in bones are from long-chain fatty acids. Over decades of research, there have been speculations that they belonged to fatty acids, but the direct evidence has not been laid down. As a result, there has been confusion in the NMR literature. Bone tissues are often associated with bone marrows. By using intramuscular bones from herring fish, we avoided marrow interference and show that the result genuinely belongs to bone tissues.

Our research shows no strong evidence regarding the use of elastic taping for pain improvement in patients with primary knee osteoarthritis, read more in "Medicine" Proud to help Evidence-Based Practice

  What is known?  A growing number of patients with knee OA seek to be treated with Elastic taping without clear evidence of efficiency. What is new?  Our systematic review shows that elastic taping has a limited effect on the WOMAC score, and studies showing a more substantial effect have important biases. Although ET does not provide strong adverse outcomes, our data do not support the use of ET as a treatment alone because of too slight reductions of the WOMAC score for reaching clinical efficiency Graphical representation of the relative risk from the 5 studies, Castrogiovanni et al (2016), Wageck et al (2016), Mutlu et al (2017), Rahlf et al (2019), and Aiyegbusi et al (2018) where the total WOMAC score was provided with treatment duration in days.