Bone and Orthopedics Interdisciplinary Symposium - BONITOS

BONITOS 2024 convenes esteemed experts from around the world specializing in Bone, Biomechanics, and Orthopedics. In partnership with the American Association of Physical Therapists (APTA) and the prestigious French Society of Biomechanics, our symposium guarantees a fusion of cutting-edge insights, pioneering innovations, and unparalleled expertise. All submitted abstracts undergo rigorous peer review and are subsequently published in the esteemed "Advances in Bone and Orthopedics" book, indexed in both CUNY Academic Works and HAL Open Science.

Key Dates to Remember

Three Sessions : Basic Science, Clinical Science and Poster session


Dr. Jean-Philippe Berteau, College of Staten Island, USA
Dr. Laurent Pujo-Menjouet, University of Lyon, France
Dr Helene Follet, French Institute of Health and Medical Research, France - French Society of Biomechanics Representative
Dr Amanda Rotondo, College of Staten Island, USA - New York Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association Representative
Local administrative support : Janice De Cico, College of Staten Island, USA


Dr Michael Chiacchiero, College of Staten Island, USA
Dr Aurélie Levillain, Eiffel University, France