Research Symposium BONITOS

We are happy to announce that the BONe InTerdisciplinary sympOSium 2022 (BONITOS 2022) will occur on Staten Island on the 20th of May. BONITOS symposium gathers leading experts in bone tissue from all the disciplines (biology, biomechanics, mathematics,...) into one place. To discuss bones in all its research approaches, we propose a hybrid symposium between all other world fellows and expect to strengthen international collaborations.

The idea of BONITOS is to stay free of charge for everybody who wants to know more about Bone Research and to share the knowledge without barriers.

After Lyon (France) in 2021, we are very proud to open the second edition of this kind in New York City. We have two ways of contributing: a full presentation - 20 min - and a poster presentation of 5 min (either online or onsite). We will still be on a hybrid program, making it easier for everyone to follow the symposium the way they like.

April 22nd​

May 3rd May
​Deadline ​Abstract submission through email for both talk and speakers (.doc 500 words max, with title, names, and affiliations)

May 8th
​​Submission Results

May 12th

May 15th

For information please contact Dr. Berteau at ou Dr Pujo-Menjouet at


2021: Lyon
2022: NYC

How to cite Bonitos Proceedings: 
"Authors, Title, Proceedings of the Bone Interdisciplinary Symposium 2021, Lyon, France."