Embracing the Future: Dr Berteau selected as a 2024 BBK Faculty Fellow

Dr. Berteau has been selected as our 2024 BBK Faculty Fellow on the prestigious CUNY Building Bridges of Knowledge (BBK) project. Dr. Berteau's appointment follows a highly competitive process. Their expertise and dedication stood out among over 200 applicants. Their selection underscores not only their individual accomplishments but also their alignment with CUNY's values of innovation and academic excellence.

As a BBK Faculty Fellow, Dr. Berteau will be spearheading research at the intersection of Generative AI and Evidence-Based Practice in Physical Therapy (PT). Their insights promise to redefine how we prepare students for ethical and responsible engagement with cutting-edge technologies. In the weeks ahead, Dr. Berteau will immerse themselves in the BBK project through orientation sessions and collaborative initiatives. While their dedication to this endeavor is clear, we are excited about the opportunities for growth and collaboration it brings to our lab.