Dr. Jean-Philippe Berteau
Assistant Professor of Biomechanics
Physical Therapy -- College of Staten Island
Biomedical Engineering -- City College
Nanoscience Initiative -- Advanced Science Research Center

Dipl. Physical Therapy, University of Montpellier, France
MSc Biomechanics, Aix-Marseille University, France
PhD Biomechanics, Aix-Marseille University, France
Post Doc Biomedical Engineering, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
Post Doc Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University, USA

RESEARCH Team in Spring 2022

  • Daniel Krute, Graduate Student
  • Angus Ma, Graduate Student 

  • Dana Vicino, Graduate Student 

  • Andrew Barret, Graduate Student

  • Christina Gianelli, Graduate Student

  • David Lew, Graduate Student

  • Germaine Ty, Graduate Student


BerteauLAB Biomedical Engineering

Yann-Axel BERTRAND, Imaging Engineer Expleo Group
Steve Falcoz, Finance Engineer at GGC International in Switzerland
Iness How-Choong, currenlty MSc. candidate UTC
Guillaume Courtemanche, currently MBA Lyon Ecole de Management candidate
Kamyine Tsuen, currenlty MSc. candidate UTC

Clemence Fayolle, currenlty MSc. candidate UTC
Svetlana Zeveleva, MSc currently research engineer 

Matthieu Debras MSc
Lucile Olive, currenlty Teaching Assistant AMU
Abil Zia (with PogetLAB), currenlty MSc. candidate UTC

Labrune Melody,  MSc currently PhD. BME candidate University of Adelaide, Australia
Mehadji Brahim, currenlty PhD. BME candidate University of Aix Marseille
Imke Fiedler, currenlty Ph.D. BME candidate UKE
Abheet Brar MSc, currently BME Engineer California Pacific Medical Center
Andre Duarte MSc, MSc currently research engineer

Raphael Martin MSc currently software engineer Supersonic Imagine

BerteauLAB Undergraduates

Mark Khalfin Macaulay Honors College
Raymond Chan Macaulay Honors College

Lisa Manitta Macaulay Honors College currently MD students at Drexel University

Steve Gad, Macaulay Honors College currently MD students at Rutgers University
Monica Finning, Macaulay Honors College currently DPT students at CUNY/CSI
Brandon Lei,Macaulay Honors College currently DPT students at CUNY/CSI

Liya Thomas, Verrazano Honors Program Psychology BSc currently DPT students at Sage college

BerteauLAB Clinical

Olivia Costello, currently DPT
Zoe Mia, currently DPT
Brandon Lei, currently DPT

Sarah Novak, currently DPT
Wei Zou, currently DPT
Gavin Cheun, currently DPT
Gabriela Guerron, currently DPT

Catherine Corbett, currently DPT
Elizabeth Bynum, currently DPT
Catherine Skwarek, currently DPT

Mike Maccarriello, currently DPT
Munir Bouzid, currently DPT
lIya Rud, currently DPT
Cindy Mui, currently DPT at NYU lutherian

Sean Doyle, currently DPT
Danielle Imbesi, currently DPT
Jessi Patz, currently DPT
George Wakeham, currently DPT

Amanda Percaccio currently DPT
Justin Gelesky currently DPT
Rachelli Schick currently DPT
Dylann Germann currently DPT

BerteauLAB High School intern

Omar Elmogazy  Staten Island Technical High School

David Spielman Staten Island Technical High School
Daniel Volshteyn Staten Island Technical High School

Graduate school acceptances

Since 2014, 100% of the undergraduate's Berteaulab research fellows have been accepted into a graduate program. Some examples:

Drexel (Medical School)
Rutgers (Medical School)
The University of San Francisco (Data Science)
Aix Marseille University (Physics)
University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf 
SAGE College (DPT) ...