Lab Facilities

The Berteau Lab is composed of two spaces in the College of Staten Island (1) experimental lab of biomechanics and (2) computational lab. 
Berteau Lab has been affiliated to the New York Center of Biomedical Engineering of City College (2016) and to the Advanced Science Research Center (2018)

   College of Staten Island of the City University of New York  gallery image1

LAB 1 located in 5N-002 is composed of :

The computational lab is located in 5N-209 and composed of 

  • Computational Three work stations for computing (DELL and HP)
  • 3D printer Printbox
  • 2 additional desktop computers and 3 laptops
  • LabCloud
  • An open space for 5 researchers

In 5N 003, we use

In the CSI imaging facilities, we are expert in Atomic Force Microscopy (ASYLUM MFP 3D BIO ATOMIC FORCE MICROSCOPE)

And confocal microscopy LEICA SP2 AOBS CONFOCAL MICROSCOPE and Live Cell Imager :

Affiliated to the Advanced Science Research Center located in Harlem at the Nanoscience Initiative: 

ASRC, we use :
We also collaborate at the Synchrotron Berkeley (Dr. Acevedo)