CUNY's LAB MEETING Research Newsletter Features our Study on Bone Resorption in Atlantic Herring Fish

Being featured in the LAB MEETING research Newsletter for CUNY is a great honor for our research team. The newsletter is an esteemed publication that highlights cutting-edge research in various fields and is distributed to a broad audience of academics, researchers, and industry professionals.

The fact that our paper was chosen to be featured in the newsletter underscores the importance and impact of our research on bone resorption in Atlantic herring fish. It also highlights the novelty and significance of our methodology, which uses solid-state NMR spectroscopy to study bone tissue at the molecular level.

Furthermore, being featured in the LAB MEETING research Newsletter for CUNY provides a valuable opportunity to share our findings with a broader audience and to engage with other researchers in our field. This exposure can lead to collaborations, networking opportunities, and increased visibility for our research.

We are grateful for the recognition and platform that the LAB MEETING research Newsletter for CUNY has provided us and hope that our research will continue to contribute to the advancement of the field of bone biology.