Berteau's Last publication in the Journal of Clinical Medicine presents Knee Pain from Osteoarthritis: Pathogenesis, Risk Factors, and Recent Evidence on Physical Therapy Interventions

For patients presenting knee pain coming from osteoarthritis (OA), non-pharmacological conservative treatments (e.g., physical therapy interventions) are among the first methods in orthopedics and rehabilitation to prevent OA progression and avoid knee surgery. However, the best strategy for each patient is difficult to establish, because knee OA's exact causes of progression are not entirely understood. This narrative review presents (i) the most recent update on the pathogenesis of knee OA with the risk factors for developing OA and (ii) the most recent evidence for reducing knee pain with physical therapy intervention such as Diathermy, Exercise therapy, Ultrasounds, Knee Brace, and Electrical stimulation. In addition, we calculated the relative risk reduction in pain perception for each intervention. Our results show that only Brace interventions always reached the minimum for clinical efficiency, making the intervention significant and valuable for the patients regarding their Quality of Life. In addition, more than half of the Exercise and Diathermy interventions reached the minimum for clinical efficiency regarding pain level. This literature review helps clinicians to make evidence-based decisions for reducing knee pain and treating people living with knee OA to prevent knee replacement