Our research shows no strong evidence regarding the use of elastic taping for pain improvement in patients with primary knee osteoarthritis, read more in "Medicine" Proud to help Evidence-Based Practice


What is known? 

A growing number of patients with knee OA seek to be treated with Elastic taping without clear evidence of efficiency.

What is new? 

Our systematic review shows that elastic taping has a limited effect on the WOMAC score, and studies showing a more substantial effect have important biases. Although ET does not provide strong adverse outcomes, our data do not support the use of ET as a treatment alone because of too slight reductions of the WOMAC score for reaching clinical efficiency

Graphical representation of the relative risk from the 5 studies, Castrogiovanni et al (2016), Wageck et al (2016), Mutlu et al (2017), Rahlf et al (2019), and Aiyegbusi et al (2018) where the total WOMAC score was provided with treatment duration in days.