"Bones of teleost fish demonstrate high fracture strain" berteauLAB's new paper in The Journal of Biomechanics

Our team is very proud to improve global knowledge in bone biomechanics.  We have published in the Journal of Biomechanics that fish bones show a high fracture strains (12-15 % on average, reaching up to 20 %), reflecting a much higher ability for tensile deformation than reported for mammalian bone. A new step highlighting the biomimetic potential of teleost fish bones for inspiring innovative biomaterials! 

Congratulation to the coauthors, a fantastic international team made of Ph.D. Student, Master Student, High School student, Full Professor and Assistant Professor : 

Author links open overlay panelFiedler IAK,  Elmogazy. O,  Courtemanche G, Cardoso L, Berteau JPh